It’s [nearly] Christmas

This time next week, it will be Christmas Day – and I suspect the kitchen will be very busy as we get ready for Christmas Dinner, which we nearly always have in the evening.

Of course, this means that a large amount of the music played on radio, particularly the mainstream stations, will be Christmas music.

Over the course of the last year, Radio 2 has been running a series called The People’s Songs. Presented by Stuart Maconie, the series tells “the story of modern Britain in 50 records“. I must admit that I haven’t been tuning in regularly – so it was only last week when I listened for the first time, to the episode all about radio. And on the bus yesterday, I was listening to the episode which was all about Christmas music. Have a listen – there’s still time (just) to do so: the programmes are only available on iPlayer until later on this evening.

Now I know that not everyone loves Christmas music – some people absolutely hate it for various reasons… either because they don’t like the songs, or they just don’t like them being played over and over again by everyone in the run up to Christmas. But me? I’m one of those people who loves Christmas music!

Whether it’s Greg Lake’s I Believe In Father Christmas (which Simon Mayo is playing now on Radio 2) Natalie McCool’s cover of it, or something completely different, I just love listening to Christmas music.

Just don’t make me listen to them before December 1st please, supermarkets! And even then, we shouldn’t have wall-to-wall Christmas music until mid December – about a week and a half before Christmas.

While I’m on the topic of Christmas music, my good friends Ethemia have released a brand new Christmas single. We are in need of some new Christmas songs to play every year – not to replace the ones we already have, you understand… but it is certainly a song which has been added to my Christmas Songs A List folder – all the songs I have on ‘high’ rotation during the month of December.

What a great song! Why not download it on iTunes to help it on its way to Number 1!?

Merry Christmas.


Bye for now,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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