Broadcasting from Wychwood

Wychwood FM Studio

This was the studio I was broadcasting from on Friday afternoon, as Tone Radio became Wychwood FM for the weekend.

Wychwood is an annual music festival which takes place at Cheltenham Racecourse during May. I’ve never been before (last year I did the Cheltenham Jazz Festival broadcast).

We were broadcasting from the Arkle Bar at the racecourse, using one of the small booths usually used for betting at the races as the studio itself. We had a window out to the bar area, where all the producers (read as: everyone else) sat.

The view from the studioThe weather was brilliant – bright sunshine all day, I hear perhaps not the usual weather they get at Wychwood. From the studio we had a great view over the campsite and were just a few minutes walk from the public areas with all the stages as well.

I even got to take part in a head to head Wychwood FM race. I raced a go-kart against Dan. I was the favorite to win (we had the odds pinned up on one of the walls).

Watched by a large crowd (read as: queue), most of the Wychwood FM team, Phil recording a commentary and Johnny videoing it, we did our practice lap. They were go-karts designed for under 10s. The top speed… 3mph. Until we got to the actual race, and they changed the speed setting. We got to 6mph.

It seems though that my go-kart was slower than Dan’s. He got in front of me quite quickly, and by the time I started my 9th lap, Dan had already finished his 10th. Post-race interviews made it look like we had just finished a Formula 1 race!

Playing the audio commentary on my show on Friday, it became apparent that Dan had used his mobile phone during the race (thanks to commentator Phil for mentioning that one). Jelmer and I concluded that I was therefore the winner after all.

My view from the studio

The show I did with Jelmer shortly after the race seemed to go well. Alongside a selection of music (fairly Radio 2 style music), we also played an interview recorded by Jamie with Rachel Sermanni, and another from Sarah from Paper Aeroplanes. We also had the commentary for the big race, plus my unique look at what would be happening over the festival weekend. Jack says it was “interesting” to be my producer, and Jelmer says he enjoyed presenting with me.

The next radio broadcast I’m doing will be the normal Corinium Radio RSL – 5th, 6th and 7th July 2013. I’m doing Breakfast, as well as running all the tech side of things. After 7 years at Corinium Radio, this year will probably be my last; from September onwards I’m in my 3rd and final year at uni and won’t really have time to run an entire radio station! I will however be keeping the website.

Then another uni radio station after that: 2000 Trees will be shortly after – I still haven’t decided whether I’ll do that one.

Now then… Washing machine has finished. I’d better empty the washing machine!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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