Ethemia at the Vaults

I’m not one who normally goes out and spends my Friday night in a pub, but last night was an exception to the rule, as Berny and Michaela – or Ethemia – were playing at the Vaults in Cirencester.

Ethemia are great friends of us at Corinium Radio – we’ve had them in to our studio a lot in the last couple of times (most of them last November, I have to say) – and their style of music is my sort of thing too: I like anything which is just acoustic guitar and voice.

It was the ‘preview evening’ for their new album (their second), Pure Intention, and featured a collection of new songs which will feature on the album – some of the songs they played have never been heard before.

We in the Corinium Radio corner recorded the whole night – we took a feed off the PA. I’ll be combining that with our own recording – a microphone on a shelf above where we were sitting, which captured more of the ambiance of the room – to add a bit more clarity to it.

I will then add an introduction and a Corinium Radio jingle to create a two-hour programme of music for all to enjoy.

I was listening to the recording we took off the PA system earlier and its already sounding great, so I’m sure that once we’ve done all the mixing and added our introduction it’ll sound brilliant!

You’ll be able to hear it on our website a little later this week – alternatively, listen in to our broadcast in July, as we’ll be playing then too.

But all this will have to be done later in the week. Liz has got the other recordings I need to put the programme together (they’re on her digital recorder) and it’ll be at least Tuesday evening before I can do anything with them.

So for now… Its Easter Saturday. Doctor Who is on in two hours (Hooray!) and tomorrow, I’m off up to Worcester for the night. Its great not having much uni work to do now!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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