What An Easy Life…

This is how easy my life is… My sister had a GCSE English exam this week. Whilst she was doing that, I was watching Mary Poppins on the computer.

Actually, contrary to what the title of this blog post is, my life is not as easy as I make out. There is lots of hard work to be done once I get back to university on Monday.

I’ll probably still describe it has an ‘easy life’ though, because I love every minute of it. But the fact remains that I don’t spend my life sat in front of the TV or a DVD. I do have to work hard as well.

Next Friday, I’ll be going down to Bristol to see the Christchurch radio drama studios – this is part of my Radio Production course at uni, and it won’t be long before I have to start producing a radio drama of my own: script read through, casting actors, rehearsals, record the drama, all the post production stuff etc. It’ll be lots of hard work – but hopefully I’ll have a drama at the end of it which I (and the rest of my team) can be proud of.

Also this week, the university confirmed (via the Radio Production Facebook page) that there is to be a new lecturer join the team – Andrew Vincent, formerly of BBC Radio Gloucestershire, will take over teaching of the ‘Radio Magazine’ module (which is one of the modules I will be doing this term).

It is Andrew who interviewed me live on air on BBC Radio Gloucestershire on the day I got my A level results – it will be very strange being taught by someone who I not remember as a reporter on BBC Radio Gloucestershire in the not too distant past, but also as someone who interviewed me as I found out whether I’d done enough to get in to the university where he will shortly be teaching me!

But before I can think about what is happening this term, there is some work left over from last term which I must finish. On Tuesday, there is a 2000 word essay to be handed in, which finished the Building Audiences module. 2000 words is a lot easier compared to the 3000 word one I did at the beginning of December!

For now though… Its Friday night. I think its time I sat down and watched TV for a bit.

I’ll write again soon.

Good night.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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