The Fred Hart Show – 24. May 2012


This evening was my last show for Tone Radio this academic year.

I was live from the Park Campus as usual between 8 and 10 this evening, playing a selection of my favorite music.

That was mixed in with my take on this week’s events. And I also had some guests in during Hour 2, Alex plus 3rd years, following the RAP & POM Audio Awards.

So… what did we learn on the show tonight?

  • The reason the Olympic Torch Relay was running 20 minutes late as it came through Cirencester yesterday, was because some idiot took a wrong turn as it left Bristol and lead the whole convoy in the wrong direction. Both BBC Points West and BBC Midlands Today therefore had gone off air by the time it arrived up in Cheltenham.
  • Temperatures in Glos. this week are around 25/26 celcius. I suppose that makes up for all the rain.
  • Greece still doesn’t have a government. Fresh elections to take place on June 17.
  • The BBC was broadcasting live from Ιωάννηνα (NW Greece) on the BBC News channel on Monday, and from Θεσσαλονίκη on Tuesday.
  • The Argentinian Finance Minister suggests it is not Greece but Germany which should be pulling out of the Euro – creating a new currency and setting it at a more competitive rate.
  • I was also joined by several 1st/3rd year RAP students following the RAP/POM Awards. They hijacked the mics for a few minutes and struggled to read ‘Γιάννης Πλούταρχος’ despite it being written in English* on my computer screen. Even then I only did it because the playout software my laptop uses doesn’t like the Greek alphabet.

*But to be fair, I’d not written it phonetically – it had been written it using the buttons you’d have to press on the UK keyboard to get the correct Greek letters – typing ‘Giannhs Ploytarxos’ in to the computer would produce the right result if I were to set my keyboard input to Greek.

I’m off on holiday for the Summer now… or at least… I’m off to wait for my (renewed) passport to come back to me before I can escape this mad country we for some reason call ‘home’.


Listen Again…

Music Played

  • The Beatles – Eight Days A Week
  • Connie Francis – Lipstick On Your Collar
  • Glenn Campbell – Witchata Lineman
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride and Joy
  • Charlie Landsborough – Imagine
  • Cat Stevens – Ruby Love
  • J.S.Bach – Violin Concerto No.2 in E Major
  • Μιχάλης Χατζιγιάννης
  • The Jam – Going Underground
  • Paul McCartney – Mull of Kintyre
  • G.F.Handel – Arrival of the Queen of Sheebah
  • Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite
  • The Pierces – The Air That I Breathe
  • Kiss – Crazy, Crazy Nights
  • Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds
  • The Rolling Stones – Get Off of My Cloud
  • J.S. Bach – Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme
  • Bob Marley – Jamming
  • Paul McCartney – Try Not To Cry
  • Van Morrison – Gloria
  • Amy McDonald – Run
  • Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69
  • Γιάννης Πλούταρχος – Στην Πόλη Ακρογιαλιά
  • Madonna – True Blue
  • Jimmy Young – Unchained Melody
  • Jimmy Young – The Man from Laramie
  • W.A.Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  • Buddy Holly – Heartbeat
  • Antonio Vivaldi – Concerto for 4 Violins in B Major
  • Lady Antebellum – When You Got A Good Thing

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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