Corfu 2011: Boat Trip to Sivota

Corfu isn’t far from the Greek mainland, and the boat trips available in St. George South take advantage of this.

Kostas Boat Trips run several boat trips a week – some to the neighbouring islands of Paxoi (Παξοί) and Antipaxoi (Αντίπαξοι), and some to the mainland village of Sivota (Σύβοτα).

We have stayed in Sivota before – we went there on holiday for 2 weeks during 2005 and 2008, so it was an excellent opportunity to get back accross to this very small, quiet village – the majority of Sivota’s tourists are Greeks (maybe a few Italians).

Sivota is located in the new Municipality of Igoumenitsa, part of the county of Thesprotia in the Epirus Periphery; a bit of North-Western Greece that has a border with Albania.

I think the Sivota trip costs about €25, and the Paxoi/Antipaxoi €28 – these prices aren’t bad; there are many trips elsewhere in Greece which could cost a lot more.

We went on Thursday 4 August 2011. Boarding the boat at about 10am, the boat then leaves on its journey round the coast of Corfu to Sivota. This takes about 1 hour 15 minutes.

The first stop is a cave, located on one of the many small islands in the Bay of Sivota. Its only a quick stop – just enough that you can take a photo (as long as you’re in the right part of the boat – the view from the back on the bottom deck is a bit restricted).

Then, its off to the famous ‘Blue Lagoon’ – again located on one of the many small islands in the Bay of Sivota. Here, you’ll be given 1 hour of swimming time.

Reversing in to the beach was quite funny – someone stood at the back shouting instructions in Greek to the captain: “30 metres back. To the left… I SAID LEFT” (as the boat nearly reverses in to another) “7 metres back. A little bit more to the left. That’s OK.

The next stop is to the village of Sivota itself, on the mainland – you stop here for 2 hours. Sivota is relatively small and very different to Agios Geiorgos Argyradon; the main tourists to the area are Greeks – maybe some Italians. We’ve been on holiday to Sivota twice and really like it.

On the sea front, there is a range of bars and tavernas; including the Bamboo – the owner of it recognised us after we got off the boat, despite the fact that we only went there once or twice during our last holiday. Away from the sea front there are a few more places to eat at, supermarkets, bakeries, car rental places… and many more.

A few things appear to have changed – a couple of new tavernas and ice-cream places have opened since the last time we were there. One thing that hasn’t changed is the Gyro place on the corner – Ο Γύρος του Κόσμου. We ate lunch there, and its a good place to sit and watch the traffic going past. Just be careful when a bus goes past. They struggle to get round the rather tight corner.

After a drink at the Bamboo place on the seafront, its back on to the boat, and off to the beach of Bella Vraka. Bella Vraka is actually one of the islands in the Bay of Sivota – but its extremely shallow between the island and the mainland, so you can walk from the mainland to Bella Vraka and back again. The boat stops where it is still quite deep, but you’re never far away from the shallow bits, so don’t dive here; jump in or go down the steps.

Again, you stop here for 1 hour swimming, and then its back on the boat and they’ll take you back to Agios Geiorgos Argyradon.

I really enjoyed the boat trip and it was a great way to get back across to Sivota for a couple of hours. I think we’re due another holiday to Sivota in the next couple of years? 😉 (Mum, if you’re reading this, take note).

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Fred Hart,

Fred Hart

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  1. hi there
    fantastic place for fantastic people is Syvota. A place that you have to pick from so many beaches to go, the place where still keep up its quality to everything.

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