ITV’s X Factor Competition – 2010 Series

With just 6 contestants left in ITV’s X Factor competition, I think I’d let you know who I’d like to win this year’s competition.

The papers today have all been about the “shock” result from last night, sending Katie Waissel through to the next round, and Aiden Grimshaw home.

I think Aiden was the right person to go. Perhaps he sounds better to the judges and audience in the studio, but to me, he sounded very out of tune last night. I never really liked any of his earlier performances. I’m not saying that I like Katie – she in my opinion is not a great singer either. But at least I don’t want to mute the TV each time she sings.

If I was to say which categories have the best chance of winning this year, I’d say its between the boys and the over 28s.

Matt Cardle of Danii’s boys category did a very good performance of a Britney song in Live Show #3, while Paije Richardson was one I thought was quite strong even from his first audition.

In Louis’ over 28s group, Mary Byrne is the only singer left. Louis usually votes by his passport and ends up with an Irish person in his category. I think this year it was the right decision; I’ve liked the majority of Mary’s performances.

Now to the people I don’t like…

Former PE teacher Wagner Carriolho may have been funny once (at his audition), but this is meant to be a singing competition, and it has gone beyond a joke now. Can someone please tell me what planet Louis was on when he selected Wagner!??

I didn’t like any of the people in the girls group, or the groups group. One Direction aren’t bad, but I don’t like manufactured boy bands.

Thinking about it, the style of music produced by this sort of talent show generally is not my preferred style of music… I really only watch it to see the rivalry between the judges.

One question I want answered, is what has happened to the days when we had proper bands. By that, I mean a group of people with lead singers, lead guitars, drummers, keyboard/pianists etc?

Although I’m too young to remember the 1960s groups such as The Beatles, the Stones, the Who and many others, I do know that the people who played the instruments were as much a part of the band as the lead vocalist.

A couple of weeks ago, Kings of Leon performed on Later… with Jools Holland, and they had a full band. I can’t think of any other modern day group which has a full band. Take That performed on the X Factor last night. Take That consists of 5 singers. I’m guessing that the musicians are employed as session musicians. Can anyone name any of the musicians on a Take That record? I certainly can’t!

I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with a group of singers who can’t play their own instruments. But surely, something’s got to be wrong with a music industry where a large number of the most popular groups are those which fit in to that category?

Come on, music industry. Can we please have some more musicians on the music scene, not simply singers?

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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