Music from the Decades: 4 November 2010

At the weekend I put a message on Facebook and Twitter asking people to e-mail me with suggestions for music to play on the programme.

I have to admit that I wasn’t really expecting much – given that the majority of radio listeners do just that. But within about an hour, I had an e-mail sitting in my inbox.

The e-mail came from a group called Ill-iteracy. I’ve never heard of them before (I believe they’re based somewhere in the US), but they’d attached a recording a track from their album ‘the Assembly Line’, which was released in July this year.

Its a slightly different genre to the tracks I normally play on air, but the track did make it on to the programme this morning – and if you enjoyed it you can download the whole from the website at

Don’t forget that I am always on the look out for more content to include on the show – if you’re a band or solo artist (particularly someone unsigned & looking to get your track played on the radio for the first time), then please do e-mail me. My address is I’m happy to play most genres of music on air – and if I choose to play your track on air, the chances are it’ll crop up on other programmes in the future.

Of course, listeners can get involved too. Just send your comments to the same e-mail address, or leave your comments below and I’ll read them out on the next show.

I will aim to do shows weekly now, following the success of the first show. My next show will be on Thursday 11 November at 08:00 UK time.


  • Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
  • Opening Jingle: Fred Hart Opening ID (including Madness featuring Ian Dury – Drip Fed Fred)
  • Altered Images – See Those Eyes
  • Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
  • Featured Track: Ill-iteracy – Don’t Need Ta
  • Glenn  Campbell – Witchata Lineman
  • INXS – New Sensation
  • The Elgins – Put Yourself In My Place
  • Paul McCartney – No Other Baby
  • The Woolpackers – Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll
  • Jingle: Fred Hart Opening ID (including Madness featuring Ian Dury – Drip Fed Fred)
  • Greek Track: Stavento (featuring ??? ??????) – ??? ????? ? ????
  • Duffy – Warwick Avenue
  • The Jacksons – Show You the Way to Go
  • Michael Andrews – Mad World
  • The Beatles – Ticket to Ride
  • Duran Duran – Ordinary World

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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