The Sun Sets On Matt’s First Series As the Doctor

The Cirencester Sunset

The photo above was one my sister took from her little ‘platform’ in the apple tree in our back garden. You can see the full album on my Flickr account. Its quite appropriate really, because yesterday evening saw the end (or the sunset…) of Matt Smith‘s first series in Dr. Who. Now at this point, I should point out that if you haven’t seen the latest Who episode, you should do so here before reading any further.

Those who haven’t seen the Big Bang episode are probably under the impression that the world has ended. Amy Pond shot dead, the Doctor shut in the Pandorica and millions of Cybermen, Daleks, Sontarans etc. underneath Stonehenge.

I saw one commenter on the Radio Times blog post about the last episode asking how it was possible for the Cybermen, last seen when the 10th Dr. sent them to the alternative universe with no way of getting back, to appear in the episode.

I believe the reason for this being possible is that the Cybermen sent to the alternative universe were the ones which were on Earth at the time. That particular episode was set in modern day Britain.So the Cybermen elsewhere in time and space would have been uneffected – hence why the Cybermen were able to be at Stonehenge during the Roman times.

So… the opening scenes of the episode reminded us of what happened last week, before we see the opening scene of the first episode, Amy at 6/7 years old – reminding us all that she is the key to the whole series. A ‘future’ form of the Dr. guides the young Amy to the Pandorica and she is able to open it. Releasing from the Pandorica… Amy (the adult version)!

So the whole episode shows how we get from the Dr. being locked in, to Amy being let out 2000 years later. The episode answered many questions from the series – for example why parts of Amy’s life make no sense and why the cracks have linked this series together. But, as the Radio Times blog says, it still leaves a few unanswered questions:

Steven Moffat is a master at puzzles, but has structured this latest game with a few extra pieces left over. What caused the Tardis explosion? What is the meaning of “silence will fall”? Who is River Song really? All will be revealed next year, he promises.

Dr. Who: The Big Bang (June 2010)
by Patrick Mulkern

In my opinion, the episode was an excellent finale to Matt Smith’s first series as the Dr. Its also the first episode which does not result in the departure of Dr. or companion. Christopher Eccleston left at the end of the 2005 series; Rose left at the end of the 2006 series; Martha left at the end of the 2007 series; Donna left at the end of the 2008 series; and Tennant left at the end of the 2009 special episodes.

Some people weren’t too sure about Matt Smith when his name was announced last January. But one series in, and whilst some still aren’t too sure, I personally think it looks like he’s been doing this for years!Mix this with the fact that been a change behind the scenes, with Steven Moffat taking on the role of lead writer following Russell T. Davies‘ departure, and (as one commenter on the Radio Times blog says) you have a series of Dr. Who with episodes becoming a lot more darker and less predictable.

So where now for Dr. Who? Well, an article on the Dr. Who website says that whilst the TV series has ended, the website is a “year-round event“:

We’ve got some fantastic material coming very soon.

We’ll have more exclusive videos, galleries, our regular Step Back in Time feature and of course, the latest news and up-to-date features.In the weeks ahead we’ll bring you a new adventure featuring Karen Gillan as Amy Pond that is definitely unmissable. We’ll have lots more of the Doctor’s enemies on the monster pages plus brand new Monster Files.

Next week there’ll be the final Big Questions of the series with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan spilling the beans on matters relating to The Big Bang… like would they ever consider getting married!

Coming Soon (June 2010)

The next episode is the Christmas episode, and Patrick Mulkern’s blog post on the Radio Times blog tells us what to espect.

Season finale director Toby Haynes will return to shoot this year’s Christmas episode. “It’s got that wonderful Steven Moffat weirdness“, he guarantees, “putting two concepts together in a combination you’d never expect, which works so beautifully. It’ll be the most Christmassy Christmas Special you’ve seen so far“.

Filming starts in two weeks’ time – at the height of summer. So good luck with that Toby!

Dr. Who: The Big Bang (June 2010)
by Patrick Mulkern

So now its your turn. What did you think of the episode and the series as a whole? Leave your comments below or e-mail

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