Website Statistics for April

Welcome to the first day in a new month.

Last month, the website had a total of 655 unique visitors (3 down from last month). There were 2350 visits, and an average of 3.58 visits per visitor.

Days of the Month

The average number of visits per day was 78.33.

The day with the largest number of visits was April 2, with 142 visits. There were no posts written on April 2, hence the 404 error if you click the link.

The day with the lowest number of visits was April 11, with 11 visits. There were also no posts written on this day, hence the 404 error if you click the link.

The full graph is available as a .xlsx document.

International Hits

In April 2010, the site received hits from 55 countries worldwide. The top 5 countries were the UK, Russia, Ireland, the USA and the Netherlands.

The bottom 5 countries were Bolivia, Kenya, Switzerland, the Netherlands Antilles and Egypt.

Most Viewed

The top 10 most viewed pages in April 2010 were:

Search Terms

The top 10 search terms which resulted in a direct hit to the site in April 2010 were:

  • Radio 2 changes
  • Mo Dutta axed
  • Cirencester switchover
  • What happened to Mo Dutta?
  • Election coverage regulations
  • BA103 Calgary 21st April
  • BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  • Fred Hart
  • Representatives of permitted participants in UK referendums

See Also

That’s it for now. We are now only 6 days from the election and will know who the prime minister of our country is by the time the next week is over. By the time this month is over all my exams will be complete!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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