Day 1: Arrival in Itzehoe

I write today using a German computer, trying to find my way round the German keyboard layout! I’m getting the hang of it, now that I’ve found the @ key… on the shortcut AltGr+Q.

After leaving Cirencester, I arrived in Itzehoe, the twin town yesterday evening. I did manage to set off the bleepers at Heathrow security 😀 but the security man found nothing, so I was still allowed on to the plane.

It was already dark by the time we landed but it was clear that there was lots of snow left over from earlier in the month. I heard on the local radio station that the weather today is between -5 and -1 celcius, going down to -10 overnight. And I think I heard it will be colder later in the week.

Last night we rented a film from the local DVD rental store. It was some sort of American thing – not sure what it was called. But we watched it in German, with German subtitles. We would have put English subtitles on… but that didn’t work!

I got lost half way though – but I think it basically revolved around a school girl who said something in her class about the September 11 attacks and then the locals and police turned against her. But I’m not sure.

I can’t understand everything that is said to me – I am being spoken to in German… but I’m surprised at how much I can! My answers though are usually sort sentences…

I’m here until Saturday – will try and write again later in the week.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer


  1. -Bruder-,
    shame you weren’t arrested (but theres alway the way back). Vater says bring something back for us-specially me, meaning Schwester-otherwise thanks for YOUR bedroom, its a lot bigger than mine and i’m using the double bed-mattress a bit hard though.
    deine liebende Schwester

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