Website Statistics for July

The statistics for July have been published slightly later than usual, due to my holiday to Greece, where I didn’t have access to a computer. However: I’ve been analysing my statistics and they’re now ready to be published.

Last month, the site had 536 unique visitors, who visited a total of 1190 times. This gives an average of 2.22 hits per visitor.


There was an average of 38.39 visitors per day in July 2009; the highest figure was 101 (achieved on July 11) and the lowest figure was 16 (achieved on July 5). For a full graph, please click here.

International Hits

The range of countries visiting the site always surprises me, because this site is only a personal site which I designed for fun: I didn’t really think that I’d be getting hits from as far away as Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Canada. They’re all countries that supplied part of the site’s hits for July 2009. For a full (and very long) list, please click here.

Most Viewed

The most viewed pages in July 2009 were:

Internet Browsers

In July 2009, 27.4% of the site users viewed the site in Internet Explorer, 60.4% in Mozilla Firefox and 0.4% in Netscape, whilst other browsers made up 11.5% of the site’s hits.

Search Terms

The top 5 search terms which resulted in a hit to the site in July 2009 were:

  • Mo Dutta
  • Mo Dutta Radio 2
  • Fred Hart
  • Mo Dutta BBC Radio 2
  • Generic radio jingles

For many months, I have also been recieving hits under the search term Hart Radio… and I don’t think they’re all looking for my show on Corinium Radio! Its more likely that people are looking for the commercial radio station, Heart Radio, of which I have no connection to.

See Also

Some interesting finds in July’s web statistics then: I’ll do the same thing for August in about 2 weeks time.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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