New Website

For the last couple of weeks I have been experimenting with changing the look of my website, and I have now found a look that works.

This new ‘corporate’ theme, which is part of WordPress is my chosen design, so I will now be transferring all my old files accross to the new site.

New features include a proper blog (instead of my rather lazy type of blog which was actually just an HTML file), meaning that users can comment on what I post. There is also a forum so that members can talk among each other about anything they want.

The first few pages go live at midnight tonight… and no, that doesn’t mean I’m staying up late. They are in fact already uploaded to the server. They will automatically appear while my computer is switched off!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer


    • This is a perfect opportunity for me to point out that the buildings come with the theme, which I downloaded from the WordPress website… and you can do so for free at

      I have now (within the last few hours) decided that this WordPress/Corporate theme will be the main part of my site and will remain. I am now going to start building all the pages properly (what you saw when you posted yesterday was just one of my tests).

      Over time, the pictures will change: they will all eventually be related to this website – so instead of images of buildings they will all be related somehow to radio broadcasting, since that is my area of expertise.

      Hope this helps.


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